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Decentralized mobile eCommerce platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Vlad Tereshkov - Founder, Business and Technology

Yuliya Zlobina - Co-founder, Marketing, Mobile and UX

Vera Karmolina - Co-founder, Technology, Product Delivery

Expert Review

4 out of 5

It is very hard to rate such project, as there are a lot of variables to take into consideration. The technical part and the whole idea of decentralized marketplace with easily issued and direct cryptocurrency payments is very good and this is for sure the future of internet marketplaces. StuffGoGo wants to provide the services in a fully decentralized ecosystem of peer-to-peer connected nodes with no servers in between composed only from mobile devices of the users running the app. Without any intermediaries all of the fees can be cut out. There is an enormous competition on the mainstream market with companies such as Amazon or Ebay, while the e-commerce in the cryptomarket is also being explored by many new blockchain-based ICO projects. StuffGoGo looks very solid and they already delivered a working beta version of the platform. The overall design of the site is quite good and it is easy to search through the items listed there.

User Review

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BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 10:32

They are trying to compete with big companies like Ebay and Amazon. There is absolutely no way you can compete with those companies, they are in worlds top 5 searched websites. How can you come and say you can be better than then at a same place. The idea of this project is wrong, there are about 3-4 ICO with same idea of auctions of thigs. The only things thats different from ebay or amazon is that they have different payments method like bitcoin and altcoins. But that is not enough to beat Ebay and Amazon. I doesnt even worth the time to create such a service because there already exists

Farquit29 august 2017, 11:02

This Decentralized mobile ecommerce platform, StuffGoGo is quite interesting because it offers good services for online shoppers. In StuffGoGo, you can easily buy and sell and use bitcoins as a payment. Both buyers and sellers has no fees in making services and listing products unlike to other companies that offer charges. It is also safe and secure so nothing to worry about.
I imagine that this project will become successful.

Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 23:12

Well, they claim to be something better than Amazor or eBay and by the description they indeed are. But can any new project really compete against these big companies? They've chosen a really tough market to become another popular internet shop site.

Blockchain grant really important things for such company. There will be no fees for listing your product, so a seller will make more money here than on other popular sites. Everything is safe and secure, so there are no scams. A buyer can feel anonymous and doesn't have to worry about some big company knowing what he buys. A lot of advantages, but I'm worrying about whether they will be able to compete with other companies. The design is also quite okay.

ennas16 august 2017, 23:05

The Decentralized mobile eCommerce platform, StuffGoGo, is a very impressive innovation.
Some of the services and advantages highlighted inlcludes:
1. Privacy and Safety. As there would be no intermidiaries, no central server, no personal information capture and no data mining. Resilient,cant be disabled. Product stored would be online until the user only decides to shut it down.
2. Easy and Tidy transactions. It would be easy to buy and sell on Stuffgogo. Just snap a
picture or video and post it for sale. It can also nbe used to get a top dollar on stuffs by starting auction with one click. StuffGoGo ecommerce also offers Integrated payment methods, including Bitcoin and most Altcoins.
3. Their services are Free. For most users, products and services it’s free for
both buyers and sellers. No commissions, no fees. Arrange for local pickup or pay online. Smart
algorithms protect from fraud.
4. SGG Token. Stuffgogo token (SGG) can also be used to pay for purchases, to buy internal domains/tags, promote listings, and their users can also use powerful seller tools.

mysacrifice16 august 2017, 09:29

StufGoGo project is bringing different perspective to the online commerce. This can be a big mile stone after popularization of online commerce. The fact that there is no a central server makes this project very interesting.

- No fees for buyers or sellers
- No account needed
- Security is at its maximum level
- It has integration with SGG BTC wallet

- It is not accepting US citizens at the moment. Hopefully they will cope with the laws soon somehow.

Glory9015 august 2017, 14:15

This good project.
StufGoGo ecommerce platform, offering different approach into the world online commerce. By using StuffGoGo platform, all buyer and seller inside will connect them directly. There is no middle man used into the transaction, so it would be no fees needed to pay.

Advantages of Stuffgogo:
1. Based on peer-to-peer platform
2.No Fees or restriction, no account created
3. Various Payment options available
4. Most Secure
5. Integrated with SGG / BTC Wallet
6. User friendly Mobile Platform apps

Disadvantages of Stuffgogo:
Stringent business competition, because there are many e-commerce platforms

Supto Raihan13 august 2017, 18:32

The project looks pretty interesting. StuffGoGo is a Decentralized mobile eCommerce platform. Here some advantages of SGG like products and services it’s free for both buyers and sellers also no fees and no restrictions, anyone can their product store will be online until they decide to shut it down. However, i think it's a magnificent venture. Wishing this project go ahead.

Boseda13 august 2017, 16:06

StuffGoGo is a very good project. I already invested some money in this ICO because it's very promising and well-done. Stuff GoGo will be a great marketplace for mobile users, with little or no fees. Its team is full of experienced and reliable people. I'm pretty sure this ICO will be a huge success!

thesmallboy13 august 2017, 12:00

products and services is free for not only buyers but also sellers. No commissions, no fees. Arrangement for local pickup or you may decide to pay online. Smart and efficient algorithms protect you from internet fraudsters
Stuffgogo token (SGG) can also be use to pay for your purchases, buy internal domains/tags, promote your listings, use powerful seller tools. it completely crowdfunded
not accepting US citizens

saffira13 august 2017, 10:34

This is the first time I saw this kind of store. No central server.
Its cool, there is an auction.
The interface is good, and it is user friendly.
Its really a good idea since most of us today are online consumers.
Another advantage is that the common hesitation of buyers today is giving their personal information.
Using this stuffgogo, no need to open up their personal info. Since the deal is just between the buyer and seller, no big brother, its more convenient I guess.
The categories are clear.
Cannot think of any disadvantages as of now.

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