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STeX Exchange


All Coins. One Platform.

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Nick Price - CEO/CTO

Maxim Vladykin - CPO and Project Manager

Ivan Mityaev - CFO Compliance and Legal Department

Josh Clow - Marketing Officer

Alexandra Mukovozova - Designer

Serguei Popov - Professor of the University of Campinas, Brazil PHD in Math

Mark Zhong - Expert in Unix system, IT PM, MBA, Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader

Gigi Janelidze - Expert in UI/UX and design

Cryptocurrency exchange with revolutionary A2A technology and direct trades between ALL listed coins. Over 100 coins and over 10000 cross rates in final release. We are going to bring the full force and scope of traditional financial market's instruments to cryptocurrency. Liquidity. Cross-rates. Futures. Leverage. Options. Investors and Managers. Out-of-the-box, in one trading platform.

Expert Review

2.7 out of 5

STeX Exchange, as the name implies, is a stock exchange for trading crypto-currencies. Obviously, this is far from being the first such project and judging by its site is far from the best. The website has a rather poor quality and may discourages potential investors. The edge of this, as it was already said - crypto-exchanges is a sphere with the greatest possible competition and trying to conduct an ICO without a ready project seems to be absolutely useful idea - and STeX Exchange is only slowly releasing their first beta versions. The project does not offer any fundamentally new ideas either. In addition, discounts offered during the ICO reach 75%, which may be considered too much and rather hurts investors than contributes to success. Such discounts only indicate a desire to sell tokens as quickly as possible and more.

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