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Regenerative Medicine to the World

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Takayuki Matsuo - CEO

Syuji Yamaguchi - Cheif Director

Haleel Risthisen - Community manager

Daniil Kapran - Head of support marketing team

Artyom Sabura - Community manager

Aykaev Alexandr - Support marketing

Medical expenses in cryptocurrency
Stem cell therapy is a therapy that activates weak cells and increases the number of important cells which goes down day by day. The inserted stem cells circulate in the body and once they find a diseased tissue, the stem cells activate themselves and regenerate the tissue. One can expect various effects from this treatment method, including anti-aging and fighting diabetes. Currently only medically advanced countries can do stem cell therapy; there are not many such countries in the world. In recent years, the attention to stem cell therapy has grown from all over the world, and by adopting settlement in cryptocurrency, we are expecting inflow of funds for regenerative medicine on a global scale. It can also be used for settling various medical and treatment costs in partner clinics.

Virtual clinic. Concept of the platform
When a patient feels discomfort or abnormality in the body, he or she faces anxiety such as "What kind of hospital should I go to?" Or "What kind of medical examination should I take?" Besides, it is a burden for the patient both in terms of physical efforts and time “to go to the hospital just to get medicine”. In order to solve these patients' troubles, the virtual clinic utilizes the network of hospitals and clinics affiliated with the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine. We will develop a virtual clinic platform that allows you to be closer to the doctors, by providing AIbot diagnosis, telemedicine with a doctor, tools for search and reservation of hospitals and clinics, and more. By adding various contents to this platform, we will create an environment where you can receive healthcare service online more conveniently. All settlements within this platform can be done in SCC.

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