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Starta Accelerator is an acceleration program launched

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Danny Setiawan - Product & UX

Roy Weissman ​ - Sales & Business Development

Nastya Onegina ​ - Cultural Adaptation & Communication​

Lisa Patti - Communication & Pitch​

Saul Orbach - Fundraising​

Victoria Zavyalova ​ - PR

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Phil.il15 august 2017, 19:43

So it's a "we will take a poor inexperienced investor by hand and walk him through how to do business". I mean it's all noble idea to help poorer Easter European regions to run businesses and create companies, but I feel that this project will somehow exploit it and cash out big amounts of this small start ups. They in fact will only provide them with courses and teachers and some kind of network to store all companies data and then have some part of their money. It doesn't look fair to me. Also the developers team in fact consists of motivational speech coaches so I can't see how they magically going to make Easter Europe create big world wide multi-million companies.

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