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Starbase is blockchain token based crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Tomoaki Sato - Co-Founder

Yu Yamanaka - VP of Engineering

Bharat Jariwala - Full Stack Developer

Ryosuke Shimizu - Blockchain Service Engineer

Ernane Luis - Frontend engineer

Gustavo Guimaraes - Full-Stack Engineer

Expert Review

4.0 out of 5

Starbase - another platform for crowdfunding, which plans the use of blockchain technology. The essence of the project is simple and understandable and more than once suggested by other teams, so you can immediately go to the analysis of the details. A large team, many advisors, partnership with a lot of companies, detailed White paper, a well-developed road map, high activity in social networks - all this makes it possible to count on the success of the ICO. As for the project itself, everything is not so good here. There is no MVP, and collecting money for a naked idea is usually not the best indicator.

User Review

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themainman30 august 2017, 20:27

good web development. fast and great navigation. widget were well placed
instant support in case of inquiries and also offer bounty campaign for individual
offer low minimum purchase for low income investor and give bonus up to 20% of token purchase
active social pages

accept only ETH for payment
management team are not listed

Richard Guy15 august 2017, 12:45

There is not much to talk about this project as it's just another crowdfunding platform. We already have many of them being well established and popular, this one has the advantage of taking the whole process into blockchain which will greatly improve and make it easier to donate money and raise funds. It will also surely cost all the fees that exist with dealing of fiat currencies.

They don't offer anything interesting, just taking what we already have and know into a better technological environment and they can't be blamed for it, someone has to do it. However, I've seen more promising projects in that matter.

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