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Bringing crypto and travel together in a rewarding way

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2.9 out of 5

Sojourn aims to bring traveling and together by allowing clients to book hotels through cryptocurrencies and also provide them with rewards. The team has new fresh member but are dedicated towards the project. The whitepaper seemed to be well planned and presented and the team evaluation is neutral. It only lacks in advertising itself rest all other factors of the projects seem fine. It has not been executed the way it should have been which would affect its user base and would not reach out to the huge investors which it could have been.

User Review

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ICO Review28 may 2018, 20:05

Using cryptocurrencies while traveling and making it easier is what the project aims which according to me is a moderate concept as most of the people or say travelers have it all planned through famous traveling sites but this project could benefit them by eradicating middleman and their fees. The team also has great members but I wouldn't recommend investing in it as it is not well executed.

jendej17 august 2017, 17:58

This team is very experienced in cryptocurency and new platforms. The promotion is very good due to the rewarding system. Although development of the project must be extended to attract more investors. I also hope that they provide more hotels in the future. The site is looking up-to-date and I hope that they will accept work with other cryptocurrencies soon.

palmbird15 august 2017, 14:47

The project Sojourn is made to remove the difficulties of crypto payment for traveling.It has a good social media contact such as twitter.The team is young and looking forward to exceed in the near future.The ico is running but needs more advertising.I like there logo that is well designed.I stiil have a lot of questions about it before i should invest in it.

Doe-115 august 2017, 11:36

I like the idea of introducing cryptocurrencies into mainstream World. They want to create seemingly ordinary booking site like we already have thousands of, but they aim to base it on a blockchain token and make it possible to book your hotel using other popular cryptocurrencies. There will also be a reward system so that comingback user can use tokens they get to get some discounts and stuff.

However, the execution of the project is quite poor I'd say. The design of the site doesn't make user want to use it. It gives a slightly unprofessional vibe and I'd be careful with trusting them.

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