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Streamlining the cryptocurrency world

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Smart contract blockchain




Aaron Mathis - CEO

Alex Williams - CTO

Chris Bennett - Marketing Manager

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

Soferox is a decentralized network such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for example, however they've come up with a new type of protocol to secure blocks called Proof of Pact. When the user sends the transaction they "self-mine" it, verifying if it meets all of the chain's rules. This assures that there won't be any invalid transactions send to the network. Then a trust mining process takes place, where users can reserve block and submit it to the network and get the reward. The more blocks they submit the more trust they develop and eventually once enough trust is established they will begin to see a priority and get transaction more frequently. Soferox wants also to become a base for future dApps to be built upon. They offer twin-chains and sub-chains. The team is relatively small and doesn't seem to include any developers.

User Review

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Jimmy04 october 2017, 05:48

The all in one platform is a great idea. I have checked out the management team, they are very sound and well regarded. You might as well say gifted to some extent or for some very well qualified for their positions within Soferox. All in all this is a very great idea who's time has finally arrived and I think it will fly or I should say take off like a rocket.

TanyaDegurechaff16 september 2017, 18:34

This ICO main market is to have an all in one platform. Since I have already invested in this ICO I get to see what the features of this ICO are. The twin blockchain technology is a new technology that will prevent HARD FORK. Since there is a devoted chain meant for rules while using the already implemented rules. It will give more time to developers making it easier for them to make changes. They claimed to replace the legacy blockchain. Out of all the ICO out there this is the one that I have invested in. There are many factors why I chose this ICO and here are some;
The first time visited the site I looked at the layout of it and I think that the layout is simple and easy to navigate, there is a message box on the bottom right corner of the screen that you can easily contact support if you need to. So I have tried it to see whether they will answer my questions and check if it’s a bot that will answer about my questions. Well in my experience I have a real person chatting with me and guided me through the things I need t know if I am going to invest, the tokens are cheap and there are also a bonus tokens. After doing some research I came into a conclusion of Investing a small amount on this ICO because of what they can do.

The Reviewer #10209 september 2017, 22:34

So this is the one of these ''one platform to rule them all'' kind. They want to become the general platform that every trader or ordinary crypto user needs to neatly manage and organise all his coins, trades, exchanges and payments. This is a good idea, but I'm not sure if there were enough people interested in such service, as people tend not to trust that easily when other company wants to store ''securely'' all your coins and tokens.

karmakeddon09 september 2017, 03:10

I like the concept of an all around wallet where you can transfer between other users within the same network for no fees. We all know that micro fees for every transaction kills us, and sometimes when networks get congested we have to swallow huge fees with huge delays. Soferox will solve that problem for us!

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