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Influencer marketing platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Dmitry Shyshov - Founder, CEO

Alexandra Morozova - Co-founder, CMO

Viktor Perekhod - Business Development Manager

Anna Koval - Marketing Communications Expert

Maksym Churkin - Tech Lead

SocialMedia.Market – the first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create, run and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers.
Based on blockchain technology, we bring marketing activities between brands and social media bloggers to a whole new level of transparency, safety and interaction.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

SocialMedia.Market wants to create a platform for companies to easily cooperate with influencers, which nowadays are very effective when it comes to any social media and internet advertising and marketing. There is no such platform, yet the companies are more and more interested in cooperation, therefore there is huge potential. The overall design and technical part looks quite decent. However, their claim to be the "first" such platform is not true, as there are other just starting ICOs and blockchain based projects, but SocialMedia.Market looks like a strong competitor and maybe can be the first successful and fully developed.

User Review

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markseviger20 january 2018, 15:35

Very promising ICO. I'm definitely will take a part. Strong team and huge idea! Nowadays there is a lot of advertising in social media and it's quite hard to manage it properly. This project will absolutely bang the industry.
Good luck, guys.

sjfenix29 november 2017, 17:28

From all the set of ICO, which are now going, this one is the most promising. The idea to order advertising from bloggers directly and through smart-contracts is a nifty solution for small companies that want high-quality promotion on the web. I know exactly as I have some online services that attempts to advertise it from bloggers directly turned out to be a real headache. Really worth investing to make your life easier. Well, the opportunity to earn money on tokens is an additional pleasant bonus too.

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