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The first social cannabis DApp created to reward users

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Joseph Ashburner - Executive Analyst

Jonathan Hunter - CEO / Founder

Patrick Meier - CSO

Tuan Pham Anh - Blockchain Developer

Wenzani - Developer Lead

Nicu Robert G - Front-End Developer

Smoke.Network is an incentivized, distributed social media application for the cannabis community, that rewards users in cryptocurrency for reviewing strains, interacting, creating content, and engaging others. The rewards are self funding and the application is completely decentralized and owned by the users with an incentive to grow the network together.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

Smoke wants to create a social media platform for the cannabis community. To encourage user activity and assure that only high-quality content is produced and posted there, there will be a reward system. Rewards are issued to users who make a meaningful contribution to the community through posting original content and through curating and up-voting high-quality content. The main feature that can make them stand out from other ordinary social media platforms is the fact that there is not a single person that can modify the rules or censor any users from accessing the application. As an advantage acts the fact, that there is already a demo platform available to try. The project seems to be prepared very well, with good descriptions and well-designed site. Smoke's team is of a good size with members to fill out any needed position and has developers with many years of experience.

User Review

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Actually09 february 2018, 17:36

I agree with other positive comments and if I had to rate the projects just based on the design and preparation then it's a pretty solid 5, however I wonder if cannabis is really that popular topic that would require it's own blockchain-based platform? I mean, of course there are a lot of enthusiasts, but I'm kinda worried about final user count for such social media. It may be hard to encourage many people to remain active on this platform, especially when it includes tokens and blockchain technology, which may be too hard for some people to understand yet. We will see.

Cryptomaniac209 february 2018, 01:15

The design of the site and the overall promotional material looks very good and neat. It's enjoyable to go through the website and the demo dApp they have prepared looks also very good. Good job and congratulations for the designing team. When it comes to the sole idea, I think if there is a market for such product, then it looks rather solid.

John J08 february 2018, 17:32

I like the fact that there is no one above-all admin or owner that could decide about the content of the platform. For example, when it comes to Facebook, there are many examples of censorship and deleted content, not because it was something bad, but because the owner of the site set such rules and he just dislikes some type of information, even if it does no harm to anyone.

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