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Slot n Slot


SlotNSlot runs on Ethereum blockchain

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Slot n Slot
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MonopolyPlayer20 august 2017, 17:23

So they have cancelled the project as it turned out they hadn't thought it over too much, and there were many details missing. I think they haven't even started raising ICO money so I hope there are no investors that have lost any money with that project. However bad it is for the project to be closed and what it tells us about the developers, it's good that they have realized it soon enough so that there were no real harm.

The idea itself was quite okay, for everyone to be able to feel a bit like they own their own small casino with their custom slot machine. A person could then make some Ethereum coins from it. A decent little idea, turns out not worthy whole ICO funding.

But I'd be careful if these developers decide to bring another project and think twice before investing in it as this kind of situation doesn't show them from the good side. So if you came across this review somewhere in the future, while doing research about previous projects of your developers, think twice before trusting their idea.

catface917 august 2017, 11:44

SlotNSlot will let anybody to feel a bit like a casino owner and enable them to create their own slot machines. With the power of blockchain of course. Everything can be provably fair and transparent so it's a big advantage when it comes to any betting, rouletting, and generally any random casino games where it is important that we can be sure that the game is not set up in a way to rip us out of money.

I like the idea. It can turn out to be a great fun. There will be also available on mobiles, so I can see it as a fun way of both spending and earning some ETH coins.

themainman17 august 2017, 11:31

Slot n slot is a mobile based game platform where ETH can be mined and aslo paly slot n slot game. the beta version has been release and the prototype is being developed.the ICO will run for a month where 40000ETH will be raised for the project. investor will get 20% bonus for token purchase. the project is really transparent and the roadmap is very great.
Accepting ETH only

Drizzypat17 august 2017, 11:27

Pros:this more like your personal casino hub, you get to maximize your money just by hitting a few buttons, it guarantee a more higher odd, you can create whatever strategy you want to maximize your earnings,.
Alot of gestures and ways to win, like the spin and win, it makes you feel like you can never loose, oh and there's a mobile app which makes it accessible everywhere

Cons:the site is awfully arranged, the monetary aspects of the game isn't fully explained in the 1st page, all we knw is they use ethereum and maybe another blockchain sub space..

Overall I rate a 4 star,

It has great potential and I'm impressed

dlorah17 august 2017, 11:04

People like risks. People like to gamble. They like the chance to win something. Knowing the house always wins. But a lucky few will also win. I have no doubt this project will succeed. Playing slots from the simple app of this company. App looks nice. Gambling made easy. It won't be easy because of all the competition.

cryptozeal17 august 2017, 10:33

an ethereum based gambling currency i personally have my reservations about this because anything gambling doesn't always end well for one of the parties involved.

the currency itself tries to make it easier, faster, fair and cheap to play slots online as the founders prides the concept as "the worlds first online slot machine platform, running on ethereum"

Mike17 august 2017, 10:16

The music for this video is really cheezy, they could have had someone talking to make it more personable. To me it seems there is no reason for this to be an ICO. Why are they trying to raise funds, seems the game software is already done. How much does it take to make a mobile game anyway, not a million dollars. The game it self seems like a good idea and looks profesionally done. I'm sure it could be popular if it was promoted, but it could die just as easily, like so many other games like this in the past. Just what is the point of this ICO, they don't really explain what you are buying into, it doesn't say anything about a token and how you will profit for supporting them.

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