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The first blockchain escrow for financial markets

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Smart contract blockchain




Stanislav Vaneev - Founder

Anton Vasin - Сo-founder

Denis Kulagin - CEO

Vasily Alexeev - CTO

Sergey Kozlovsky - Head of Sales, co-founder

Stanislav Pankratov - Python Developer

Serenity Financial is a secure and transparent marketplace for traders and brokers to meet. The platform itself acts as an intermediary which uses blockchain technology to regulate those dealings and provide a convenient, secure venue for purchases and sales. However, aside from being a platform for brokers, the marketplace will guarantee honesty and transparency of trading transactions, recording all trades in blockchain, serving as an arbitrator in disputes, storing funds on smart contracts, providing liquidity for brokers and taking care of KYC procedures. By employing blockchain technology, Serenity dramatically improves one of the most scandalous sides of financial industry — Forex trading. Millions of traders around the globe are involved in Forex trading and encounter fraud. Existing regulatory bodies have failed to create a system that could draw a line between “good” and “bad” brokers. There are no laws which allow traders from India, for example, who trade with a Russian broker, to submit a claim and get their money back. Serenity project can do all these things! It is not restrained by any jurisdictions thanks to blockchain technology.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Serenity is building Escrow service for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets. Developers ensure security of traders' funds by placing them on SERENITY smart contracts. On the one hand, mediation may be really important for financial transactions. On the other hand, this partly contradicts the very idea of a blockchain: using smart contracts suppose no need for a third party. Rest the project looks good - a big competent team, lots of publications in the media, active social networks. Good legal support - registered legal entity, SAFT, privacy policy, etc. It can be seen that the project team was attentive to all the details.

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