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Decentralised blockchain-based portfolio investment platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Sebastian Forbes - Finance Director

George Pantzis - Trading/Dealing Expert

Tatiana Shabanova - Board Member

Christina Constantinides - Regional Investor Relations Manager: Europe

Demetris Christou - Risk/Compliance Manager

Olga Vasilyeva - Senior IT/Development Consultant

Scrinium is a decentralised blockchain-based portfolio investment platform that operates using smart contracts. It solves several widespread investors problems:

  • Amount of knowledge and analytics skills required for trading is hard to keep up with
  • Copy trading presents a user with significant level of risks and investment loss and don’t guarantee profits
  • Several intermediaries participation and centralised schemes of trading result in low profit from archaic forms of investments

It is a unique system that analyses traders performance and compiles them in an individual portfolio according to a level of profitability and risk ratio set by you. From now on, all investor has to do is to decide on the profitability and risk levels he or she is ready to accept. Based on the profitability/risk ratio Scrinium will automatically pick the best and the most suitable traders and create an investment portfolio. After that the investor will start gaining profit immediately and automatically. Scrinium does not depend on which markets, exchanges or even brokers the trader works with, it is absolutely independent and transparent for all the participants. You get an opportunity to stand in the beginning of the revolutionary blockchain-based decentralised portfolio investment technology and take advantage of the profits from the initial offering.

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Scrinium wants to help people who don't have proper skills and knowledge to profitable invest in cryptocurrencies and other assets themselves. The system would analyze behaviours and investments of the most profitable traders and then copy their strategies into users portfolios. Such portfolio can be adjusted based on risk factor and expected profit. The platform looks very promising. The design of the site and the information provided there are very well done and they encourage potential ICO investors to buy their tokens. They provide all of the necessary information and try to remain as transparent as possible, which is a great feature for any ICO project. The team consists of many experienced and skilled people, therefore there is a high chance of success.

User Review

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106449937308 february 2018, 14:52

i want to buy this token because I am an fund manger for years ,both for my clients and myslef ,the markets nowadays are so complicted and nobody have the enengy to deal all the information and coy with the ebb and flow of the it is wise to gave the portfolio to the computer system

cool123404 february 2018, 15:57

looks great an interesting. I think there is a promising future for this project. Especially the part that people with less knowledge can be helped during their investments. Nice job! Go on and looking forward for the next.

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