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Protocol to connect brands & customers

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Smart contract blockchain




Fabrice Bascoulergue - Product Lead

Sarah-Diane Eck - Business & Marketing

Jérémy Grenier - Engineering Lead

Emmanuel Juliot - UX/UI Designer

Clément Dal-Palu - Backend Engineer

Thomas André-Micolon - Engineer & Copywriter

Sandblock is creating a decentralised protocol to connect brands and customers together using Smart Contracts. We are also developing a mobile application (alpha coming in a few days) for customers and a dashboard and analytics platform for businesses. Each business creates its own Branded token on top of the Satisfaction token (SAT) and can give it as a reward to its customers for their loyalty, feedback (reviews, surveys...) or engagement (contests, games...). By joining the ecosystem, businesses have access to tons of analytics about their customers across all merchants. Branded tokens are tradable with each other at a one to one ratio, they can also be converted to SAT for other use but this induces a 50% loss of the underlying value.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Sandblock is a marketing platform through which companies can create their own reward systems for customers. Similar projects already exist both on the blockchain and with conventional technologies. To stand out among others, good ideas and even better implementation are needed. As for the ideas, everything is pretty good - on the site and in the documentation the entire system and some non-standard solutions are described in detail. The most interesting feature of improving Loyalty Points system by Sandblock, is the fact that they are tradable and unified. There will also be a user feedback system. All of the user answers, comments, ratings and feedback can then be rewarded with loyalty points, as well. The potential of the project is high due to a well-chosen team and advisers.

User Review

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bob18 february 2018, 13:10

I like the concept and this is definitely a huge market to address. They do have an application which is a huge plus, and the game Trumpy Bird is really addictive!
Their advisory board looks really great and should be able to guide them through the tough decisions after the ICO which is reassuring.
Moreover, the team chose to keep the hard cap quite low and it is a really good signal in my opinion.

Alfred18 february 2018, 13:04

Great team and project, I've been following it for months now and instead of rushing to an ICO they took months to built their ecosystem and go everywhere in the world to meet investors and partners.

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