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Saifu makes using cryptocurrencies together with regular currencies easy, secure and regulated for a wide audience of non-tech savvy people and businesses.

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Alexander Legoshin - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Evgeny Vigovsky - COO & CTO

Zach Murray - Head of Communications

At Saifu, we started with a couple of questions: “Why should cryptocurrencies be the exclusive domain of the technically skilled?” and “Why can’t we make cryptocurrencies easier to access safer to use and available to a much, much wider community?”

And now we’ve got a cryptocurrency business that’s already up and running – and, in this ICO, you can invest in Saifu’s planned growth.

As an established business, Saifu is already providing a range of cryptocurrency services to individuals / consumers. However, we’re also planning on introducing services for businesses and services for banks and also extending the range of services that we offer to consumers.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Saifu wants to make cryptocurrencies much easier to use for people who are used to regular banking-like finances. It is already possible to say that with such an abundance of competitors it is difficult even to consider such projects if they do not have MVP. It may be hard to find it in Saifu. More precisely, there is Beta version with private access, which essentially means quite the same. As a minimum, the site presents the design of the future application. The main goal of Saifu is to provide their services in an easy and intuitive way. The functions and the whole platform have been designed to be easy to use even for people without any technical or computer skills. There are not many serious differences among the declared functions of the future application from competitors. And apparently the application will be a centralized solution, which contradicts the concept of blockchain. Of course, there are positive sides - the project is really qualitatively prepared for the ICO - various documents, a lot of information, well-developed legal solutions - everything seems to be at a very high or at least decent level.

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