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Platform for Investments in Cryptocurrencies

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Smart contract blockchain




Alexey Scherbin - CEO, Co-Founder

Ivan Morgunov - CFO, Co-Founder

Dmitriy Morgun - CTO, Co-Founder

Julia Luckman - CMO

Anastasia Kuteynikova - Marketing Manager

Michael Yanchenko - Developer

Today, more and more people want to invest in cryptocurrencies and ICO's. However, it is a complicated market, where serious knowledge is required not only in finance and trading, but technology as well in order to be profitable. Additionally, hundreds of new ICO’s and cryptocurrencies appear every month, the studying of which requires a lot of time and energy. All of this can act as a serious entry barrier for inexperienced investors and stumps market growth.

However, experienced cryptocurrency investors that have been trading in this market for quite some time do exist. Their earnings are very high comparative to traditional income measurements, but they only invest using their own funds, which limits their possibility for even more earnings.

Additionally, many professional cryptocurrency traders and funds operating on the market, make colossal gains through properly setting up their portfolios and monitoring the market and its movement every day. They already have a pool of clients who they work with. However, they experience difficulty acquiring new clients, especially outside the boundaries of their area or region. Due to the fact that it is difficult to prove their profitability and develop a legal relationship, which greatly limits the circle of interested investors.

The Safinus platform eliminates these limitations and brings together all interested parties, providing them with everything that is needed for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Expert Review

3.1 out of 5

Safinus is an investment platform that allows newcomers who want to invest in the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO to do this with the support of more experienced investors. Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of that project for the development of the entire so-called crypto community, making participation in it becoming more accessible to the masses. On the other hand, Safinus is not the first to try to do this, so they will have to face strong competition. The sole service seems to be very easy to use and site is designed quite well. The user can start "earning" money through the investments with only four quick steps. They use cold wallets and SSL protocols and database encryption to protect the funds and user's data. A team seems not to be listed on the site, so this lack of transparency may act as a drawback.

User Review

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amazighmichlet02 may 2018, 15:56

The Idea behind the project is really interesting but they need to improve the team behind the project , and also the marketing behind the project is not strong they need to make a more great marekting work

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