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Ronaldinho Soccer Coin


Ronaldinho Soccer Coin Project

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Smart contract blockchain




Ronaldinho - Founder

Ward Saito - CEO of WSC

Aaron Mulder - In charge of Betting

Dima Zaitsev - Marketing

Alexey Burdyko - In charge of e-sports

MOON INSHIC - Strategy Supervising Advisor

Riaz Paul - In charge of Middle East Marketing

Kenichiro Kira - In charge of digital stadium

Sergey Zarubin - In charge of Asia sales

Jun Otaka - In charge of security support

Satoshi Kazami - In charge of smile projects

As Ronaldinho states out to make ''a world full of dreams, hope and smile", will be creating a key coin for Soccer World. In order to achieve this ideal, WSC will develop real and digital businesses targeting approximately 3.5 billion of soccer fans. We will develop a block chain technology, as for the foundation of business in collaboration with NEO. By creating RSC platform, we will develop our service on Ronaldinho digital stadium, Betting (RSC super league and e-sports), and an agent system (Ronaldinho soccer academy and smile project). Ronaldinho and WSC will walk along to contribute to the world as much as possible through this project.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

As the name of the coin indicates, it is being created and officially supported by World Star football player - Ronaldinho. He said: "I want to bring a dream - hope and smile to as many people as possible through soccer" and this is the main aim of the project. The site and the documentation don't seem to provide clear descriptions of what exactly the project does, however there are listed many features, aspects and side projects. He wants to establish a soccer academy for kids, hold amateur league matches and global league matchers all over the world, introduce new technology to stadiums like Virtual Reality or AI and develop and operate a soccer betting stadium platform. It seems like RS will act as a base for various football-related projects to be built upon. The blockchain uses NEO technology. The team of course includes Ronaldinho, but also consists of many other very experienced members when it comes to project management, development and marketing. As it seems that they want to explore the Asian market, there are specialists of Middle East marketing and Asian sales managers.

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