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Robot Vera


The virtual equivalent of Robot Vera’s services

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ALEKSANDR URAKSIN - Co-founder and Commercial Director (CFO)




Vera is an AI robot-recruiter. In three hours it goes through the whole chain of the hiring process, finds the best candidates for a job, and invites them to the final interview with the employer. 150+ customers, 60+ thousand qualified responses — is what Vera did in only six months. Robot Vera is the first HR technology company organizing an ICO, and has a real product and a growing business to back it up.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

When it comes to the product itself, it's a great advantage. The robot is already ready, developed and working. It is already finding the first employees for various companies. Generally, they want to improve the recruiting field. The robot is able to find a suitable worker, make a real time video interview with him and rate him based on his performance and then send this information to the employer. One token can be exchanged for such service of finding one worker. The project has a great potential, however the fact that it's mostly focused on companies is both advantage and disadvantage, as there won't be many everyday users buying these tokens, however big companies may want to spent a lot on them if they like this service.

User Review

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Proyekt01 october 2017, 16:47

They have a working robot who is able to recruit employees. It's not some kind of data analytic robot who will only search through resumes. It is able to conduct a video interview with the candidate. That's a big thing. They run the ICO to improve their project even more and open themselves on other markets as right now they are mostly focused on Russian companies, but are aiming to expand on the USA, and from there it is easy to expect millions of dollars of profit if it succeeds.

ICO GUY28 september 2017, 09:45

They already have a working product, of course it can still be expanded and improved, but it's an important point. If we want to believe their stats, the sales and profits of the company are doing very good for now. Every month they earn even 50-100% more then previously. This shows that there is a possibility of some profit to be made by someone who will hold their tokens, but the dangerous part is the fact that it all relies in companies to want to use their recruiting service.

It's interesting26 september 2017, 00:45

It's interesting, but I don't see it as that great project. I mean the sole fact that they have created a robot who is able to interview a human is very futuristic and they may actually turn out to be a revolution in a recruiting area, however in terms of possible profits for token buyers, I'm not sure if that is the best project to spend your funds on. I'd consider it to be very interesting and if you want to support new technologies then go for it, but if you are a random cryptoasset investor who looks for tokens to buy to make big money quickly, they are not the best choice in my opinion. I mean an ordinary person doesn't need their tokens as they can be used only to pay for finding a worker and I don't think there is that big demand in that field.

Philip E.24 september 2017, 13:03

- Already working service
- They have successfully worked with different companies
- Wide and experienced team
- Significant boost in quality and speed in terms of this robot vs ordinary recruiting services
- Helping people get job, several thousands people got jobs thanks to this project

- Token's value depends on the demand
- Project generally aimed at companies rather then everyday users
- Not sure how advanced the project already is, but seems like a very technically demanding when it comes to programming such robot

Thomas Rustiger24 september 2017, 08:00

Token's value will be set based on how many people will be interested in using these recruiting services. What is promising about this project is the fact that without any significant marketing campaign they are already having 400 job looking request per month. That shows that a good service can advertise itself the best. Among companies that has already tried their service we can list even big and well known companies like Adidas, Burger King or Zara.

Robot is more efficient than a human being and if the process of recruiting workers can be sped up significantly, they why shouldn't all companies use it?

Litecoin_Lover23 september 2017, 19:15

The general site's design seems good. There is that robot theme vibe. The tokens their are issuing will act as a payment method for their recruiting services, which means one token can be used to find one "perfect" candidate for particular job. It's good that their coins have a particular usage, however their price will depend more on a companies demand, rather than users. I mean, if the services turns out to be good, we can expect even the biggest companies to use it, which will boost it's price significantly, but there is little that depends on ordinary users.

Don't buy bitcoins23 september 2017, 12:42

So they have created an already working robot that helps to recruit workers. It is able to find candidates based on demanded skills, then call them to make an initial interview and then choose from the best candidates to have a video interview where the robot is able to recognize candidate's emotions and answer questions, making it seems like a real conversation. For me this sounds like an amazing project that has required a lot of developing skills to create such robot.

Velocity_investor23 september 2017, 01:15

Let me quote what their claim their robot is able to do: "Robot Vera is able to recognise the candidate's emotions in video interviews and also conduct conversations in virtual reality (VR). It is also learning to lead a "live conversation" and answer the counter-questions of applicants about the vacancy and the employer."
That sounds too futuristic to be true, but maybe the technology is already that advanced that it is indeed possible. It's hard for me to believe, but if that's true I guess Robot Vera will be revolutionary.

zyx222 september 2017, 12:32

First of all, the fact that they have already working beta product is a big advantage to any project. This shows there is a solid and real thing behind this project and we don't have to expect being scammed or that the project will be closed because it can't raise enough funds. Whatever happens, they are working on delivering the fully working service. And I guess nowadays with the spread of robotic and AI technology, such robot has a lot of potential.

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