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Robomed Network


Innovative medical network based on smart contract

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Philipp Mironovich - CO-FOUNDER

Ivan Devyatkov - CO-FOUNDER

Vasily Kuznetsov - MARKETING & EVENTS


Maria Agranovskaya - LEGAL

The Robomed Network is a medical network managed by a blockchain token and designed to provide the most effective medical care. The Robomed Network ecosystem connects healthcare service providers and patients based on a smart contract, the value criteria of which are the performance metrics of a specific medical service and patient satisfaction. This particular concept of a patient-oriented medical network, based on breakthrough technology, is new to the healthcare market.

Expert Review

3.2 out of 5

Robomed want to connect patients and healthcare providers with smart contracts and blockchain technology. This would for sure be a significant improvement in the whole medical sector. The only doubts are generally the same with all of these projects, as there are a lot of new ICOs aiming to improve healthcare and create a blockchain patient register and medical history. It won't be that easy to encourage clinics to adopt this technology just like that and in many countries healthcare is regulated mostly by the government, which won't allow blockchain private project that easily. From the technical point of view Robomed looks decent, they provide a lot of information and have that idea how to use smart contracts to help patients get better service.

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