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Decentralised and Mobile Cyber-Security Token

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Smart contract blockchain




Steven Sprague - CEO & Cofounder

Michael Sprague - CTO & Cofounder

Sean Gilligan - VP Engineering

Mark Hoblit - Senior Developer

Greg Laun - Software Developer

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

As smartphones have a big impact on our lives and more and more people are using it, not only to call or write messages, but also take care of payments and businesses, Rivetz wants to provide security to these vulnerable devices. Their app will scan your phone and save it's health status onto the blockchain, so that it can later be verified if there were any malicious changes to your phone in comparison to the last health snapshot. As or phones are being used to more demanding tasks, there is a need for securing them and such project can find it's users. Design of their site is very well done, they provide all the descriptions and detailed information in their whitepapers.

User Review

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That's right19 august 2017, 10:20

After many developers gave their best to improve our security and anonymity while using computers and the Internet it's time to do the same with our mobile phones.
Rivet aims to highly improve security in our phones. With phones acting more and more like wallets it's a good solution to ensure our money is safe and there is no virus for example changing our sending address to theirs. Rivet doesn't need much as it uses what there already is in our phone.

The whole design and information provide on their site is pretty good and straight forward. The project looks like it's professionally executed and the developers seem like they can be trusted.

bottle of water15 august 2017, 13:22

I'm not too sure to get the idea of what Rivet really wants to accomplish. I mean they claim that there is something already inside our phones that can be used and verified with their token in order to make us feel saver and the data and money that we transfer, so there won't be any threats or other third-party applications that will steal our money as more and more will use cryptocurrency wallets on their phones. So they basically act like some fancy described and advertised anti-virus based on cryptography.

palmbird14 august 2017, 19:00

It is true what the project rivetz say about security on smartphones .It is only a problem when your money is gone.So if there is a part in your phone where you can secure your information that is great.If rivetz can use that place to secure your crypto then rivetz will be a great succes.So i believe in this project and i am sure that there ico will be a succes to.I hope that they can achieve there goal in the near future.

raisanul212 august 2017, 23:16

I believe rivetz technology will succeed, i also believe in their team.

Rivetz will change the internet security for good Smiley looking forward to launch.

I have checked the news that Rivet has partnered with the LATOken for the Security
This will boost the Rivetz further

Today I have seen that their ICO continues very well, i do not know when its going to finish but ICO and project will be successful after all.

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