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Rexpax is World's largest platform for sharing items

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Smart contract blockchain




Mikhail Siaredzich - Founder & CEO

Artem Barouski - COO, Co-founder

Alexander Vasiliuk - CTO

Andrei Korniushko - CFO, Co-founder

Dmitry Kholadau - CHRO, Co-founder

Vladimir Bogdanovich - Senior Backend-developer

Rexpax is the World’s First Home Online. Rexpax is going to become the largest items' platform in the world. It gives access to items without the burden of owning them. Sharing economy is the philosophy of the project that lets lend, sell, borrow, rent out, give away and share items with your neighbors. Within ICO, Rexpax will release a cryptographic token, REXX, as a currency for in-platform payments. Rexpax users will also be able to earn cryptocurrency REXX for adding items and services, renting, sharing, inviting, and signing up new users, and adding comments and recommendations. 
Rexpax. World without locks.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Rexpax is a project that uses the idea of ​​sharing economy for everyday things and services. Technically, the project is a simple bulletin board in which users can give or take things to rent, provide and receive services. There are also unusual solutions that relate to the way information is presented - things "unfold" in a virtual house - curious, but is this enough to create a separate project? The application of blockchain at a basic level - smart contracts and internal currency - all that the project can be realized without. The project already has an MVP, enough detailed and clear documentation, a fairly large team.

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