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Decentralized P2P online renting platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Wallace Ma - CEO

Spark So - COO

Jimmy Ng - CTO

Mark Hindelang - Chief System Architect

Felix Eko - Chief Designer

Athena Lam - Technical Writer

Rentything is the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) online renting platform using blockchain technology to build a trustable and transparent platform to encourage collaborative consumption and environmental conservation.

Rentything’s platform will only use RentyCoins. P2P renting refers to the process of an individual renting an owned good, service, or property to another individual. It is also referred to as person-to-person rental, collaborative consumption, the sharing economy and product service system. For Rentything, P2P renting, is mainly used to describe online-enabled rental transactions between individuals.

The rapidly growing demand for collaborative consumption is enabled by a combination of the following trends:

Networking infrastructure and high-bandwidth penetration reaching a level allowing social networks and consumer-to-consumer marketplaces

Limited storage space in dense urban environment preventing consumers from keeping all the goods they occasionally use

Increasing environmental concerns of consumers leading towards limitations of waste of resources and over-consumption

Evolution of consuming behaviors from owners to users

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Rentything declares to build "Airbnb for everything" - global p2p renting platform. They are going to utilize blokchain technology in order to make the whole process safe and secure for both parties. But all such projects have a fundamental problem that begins with the moment when the virtual part goes into the real world. Things can break, not be returned, etc. And it is important to understand who will resolve the disputed situations and whether the blockhain can help. As for the project itself - a good team with a lot of experience, a fairly detailed White Paper and even an alpha version of the platform.

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