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Decentralized Home Rental Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Alex Lubinsky - CEO

Lily Ostapchuk - CPO

Aleksey Perfilov - CTO

David Sviatozhevsky - Backend Developer

Nadia Sidko - Front-end Developer

Alexander Vilko - Front-end Developer

Rentberry streamlines the entire long-term rental process using blockchain and smart contracts technology and eliminates the need for a middleman making it possible for tenants and landlords to complete all rental tasks in one place.

Are convinced that long-term rental space is the next industry to be disrupted by technologies, and our entire team believes that blockchain and smart contracts are the inherent part of the upcoming innovation. Here at Rentberry, our goal is to make both landlords and tenants enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes open and transparent application process, crowdsourced security deposit network, instant rent payments, internationally valid Tenant and Landlord scores, to name a few.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Rentberry is an already well-established brand with proven track record, operating on the market since 2015. They have thousands of users and processed more than 224 thousands properties. Rentberry's goal is to "make both landlords and tenants enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience". By connecting blockchain with home rental services they will of course benefit from it greatly when it comes to transparency, reliability, fees and usability. The design and overall apparel of the project are on a very high level. However, there is a problem of how many people are willing to risk renting their house for payment in coins that worth can't be known due to the volatile crypto market. Such platform would also require many active users to sustain the token's price. The team behind the project is big and consists mainly of blockchain specialists and developers, which is an advantage.

User Review

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Norbert Harms09 december 2017, 04:42

Personally I'm backing this projects a 100%, professionally I believe it holds a thin margin of chances that is will be actually used. The only answer to this rather sceptic believe is the fact that the rental market is being controlled by a solid mafia gang, speak Government and Real Estate Agencies. The rental market is already heavily regulated with a law ridicule circling above, turning it into a "class-separation" instrument on one side and a secured, growing revenue stream on the other. At this point, I simply cannot see how such a platform could possible take on and overrule local government(s). I can, however, already see the smear campaigns against a positive development, like this one, and censorship efforts being prepared for this. And with a little extra local law enforcements, ...

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