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Rent Token


Actually chosen where you desire to live

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John Zinno - Head Real estate Advisor CEO

Aaron Hoffman - Real Estate/Finance and business planning Advisor

Matthew McAlister - Lead Developer

Ethan Sam - Public relations coordinator

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Rent Token
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Mials15 september 2017, 22:08

The name of token, "Rent Token" was clearly explained the core of project. It is a pleasant introductory video and the content is simple and able to understand easily. It is a good idea to solve payment problem of rentals in current world. The most difficult part of the project would be the stage of execution, such as liaise with law firms regarding the terms of contract which involving transaction deal or the agreement of rental amount in between property owner and rental and other aspects.

For me, this token has potential for development but it does not for suit for investor who aiming to gain quick return.

TanyaDegurechaff14 september 2017, 17:45

Rent Token
I have seen similar ICO company that offers this service. The main idea is roughly the same; both are feasible and long lasting since it involves real estates. Since real estate values gradually increases over time investing in it is a good thing. After browsing their site and watched the video I am impressed on what they have to offer. For those who work and being assigned in different places for a specific amount of time having to search classified or a place to rent is a hassle. This is when Rent Token comes in and make it easier for us. The ICO features are great since it protects both the renter and the owner of the place via smart contracts, an app that soon will be launched and the best part is that the rental fee is low.

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