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REIDAO seeks to introduce crypto assets

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Smart contract blockchain




NEO Kok Beng - Founder & Chairman

Darvin Kurniawan - Founder & CEO

David Chandra - Founder & COO

Hendrik Tanjaya - Founder & CTO

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

The project ReiDAO at first glance does not bad describe its purpose, but the longer you study it, the more confusing it becomes. The first declared function - the replacement of real estate addresses for blockchain addresses - sounds rather far-fetched application of the new technology solely for the sake of the implementation itself. Another declared opportunity - joint use of real estate objects - is already a project of a different orientation, which exactly repeats the market leader - AirBnb. In general, it is not that useless, but extremely expensive to compete with it. Even if you imagine that the project will collect several hundred million dollars - it is still extremely small for such a challenge. The other aspects of the project - team, roadmap, financial plan - also do not cause much optimism.

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