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Global Airbnb-like marketplace on cryptocurrency

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Smart contract blockchain




Kirill Sherman - Realt Ltd Co-Founder, CEO

Oleg Razdzialouski - Realt Ltd Co-Founder, CMO

Expert Review

3.4 out of 5

Realt wants to bring blockchain technology into the real estate, with the focus on renting and advertising. They want to cut off all the unnecessary middleman that may slow down the process of listing and make it more expensive. All the payments for renting would be then made with Realt tokens. However, Realt will have to face a strong competition when it comes to blockchain projects connected with real estate market. However, they seem like a solid project and some sort of competition is always needed in any field. The design and overall apparel is decent and they provide rather detailed information about their project.

User Review

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little_marmaid616 september 2017, 16:50

They aim to create a platform that host renting real estate for the Realt coins. Because of the blockchain technology any middleman, or operational fees are cut down. So the payment gets directly to the person renting the house or flat. In the future they want these tokens to be used for every service within the platform. The platform will generally focus on real estate and renting, but it can go as much as payments for advertising your houses or particular services related to this business. The site looks decent, however nothing special when it comes to the design.

Karim Indez16 september 2017, 01:15

I find this blockchain usage very interesting. With that technology they can reduce any fees that are often quite high in similar mainstream business that are about real estate renting, listing or advertising. The Realt tokens on this platform will be used to pay for all of these services as well as for the sole renting of a place. I find this way of payment convenient. It is also good that the money gets directly to the person listing or renting the real estate and there are no intermediaries.

Franz Wasp15 september 2017, 14:45

I can't see much usage or need for this platform. I mean the real estate renting market is quite huge and there are a lot of such transaction going on, however I've seen better ICO projects that with the power of blockchain they make the investing in real estate, buying houses and renting places much more convenient, easier to use with much better looks when it comes to design and the whole execution of the project. This one looks okay, but I've just seen better in real estate field.

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