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Invest in real estate with cryptocurrency

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Smart contract blockchain




Enrique Dubois - CEO & Co-Founder

Bernardo Hernandez - CEO & Co-Founder

Melissa Sapmaz - CMO & Co-Founder

Miguel Covas - COO & Co-Founder

Javier Llabres - CTO & Co-Founder

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

The REAL Project is the Ethereum blockchain-based real estate investment platform using smart contracts. Its advantages are decentralization of the purchase and sale real estate transactions and simplifying of cross-border operations. However, the project has many shortcomings that cause fears. The project does not provide for action in the event that during the ICO it will not be possible to raise the necessary funds for the purchase of real estate. While this amount is quite large. In addition, there is even no provision for a refund if the project is not feasible. And there are no guarantees that the real estate market will grow. This is not even considering that it is not clear on the basis of what will be selected objects of real estate for investment, especially without the relevant specialists in the team.

User Review

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themainman15 august 2017, 09:02

the site is well developed with seemless navigation. whitepaper present and social page been updated regurlarly prio to launch.
real estate investment is a great business and real will allow investment with no minimum deposit which give opportunity for small scale investors.
monthly auditing of real company will make help in proper planning and sustain the running of the platform
accepting investment from Ethereum wallet only.
no roadmap

Serg07 august 2017, 15:07

good idea

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