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Ranger is an open source, peer to peer, ethereum-based blockchain platform

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Ranger is an open source, peer to peer, ethereum-based blockchain platform. Ranger is a financial technology and a self-managing financial system. It is designed to provide multiple investment opportunities for cryptocurrency community.

Ranger platform provides a cryptocurrency token called "Rangercoin", which can be stored and transferred between accounts and allows people to utilize as a useful, easy-to-use, fast, safe and highly secure payment tool on the internet and is not managed by any central authority.

We aim to build a new payment method for e-commerce, and create a Lending platform based on trust and reputation and Ethereum Bitcoin ecosystem. RANGER will soon be available in every industry and become the most convenient currency for investors.

Expert Review

2 out of 5

Rangercoin team noticed that with the development of many cryptocurrencies and investing methods, there could be made some improvements in that field. They want to basically make investing faster, easier and more efficient. The overall design of the site doesn't offer anything special, however it looks decent and doesn't distract from the content. The information and descriptions of the project are explaining what it's about, however they lack solid details and solutions to the investing problems. They don't seem to clearly explain their solutions and the competition in that field is much better prepared.

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