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The Protocol for Securing Smart Contracts

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Smart contract blockchain




Richard Ma - CEO & Cofounder

Steven Stewart - Co-founder & CTO

Edward Zulkoski - Senior Security Engineer

Vajih Montaghami - Senior Security Engineer

Anna Kao - Graphics and UX Designer

Prit Sheth - Lead Backend Engineer

Quantstamp is a specialized network that connects developers, investors and users around a transparent and scalable proof-of-audit. The network acts as a critical piece of transparency by enabling automated checks on smart contract vulnerabilities and automatically rewarding verifiers who identify bugs. Quantstamp tokens allow the platform to operate in a scalable and fully decentralized fashion, delivering computation fees to verifier nodes, and bounties for locating vulnerabilities.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Quantstamp builds scalable security-audit protocol designed to find vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. In other words, the project allows people and companies to check smart contracts for errors, and independent auditors - to earn on it. Of course, such a task is already being solved by GitHub and other similar projects, but the Quantstamp solution looks logical and convenient development of that direction. You may note a well-qualified team of the project. Also on the site there is an opportunity to order an audit for your code, but there is no way to see any portfolio of completed project activities in order to assess its capabilities.

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