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Influencer Marketing BlockchainPlatform

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Denis Shayahmetov - CEO

Vladimir Koveshnikov - Marketing&Product Development

Danil Vishnyakov - Front End

Dmitry Vinokurov - CTO

Alexander Gerasimov - System Administrator

Elizabeth Kornaukhova - Manager of the CIS bloggers

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Efir (ex Qaazqaaz) ICO aims to build P2P Platform for native advertising through opinion leaders. Such a change of names in the process of preparing for the ICO (with Qaazqaaz on Efir) is a little confusing, but as far as one can judge, it is not connected with any problems with the previous project. Additionally, the project has enough good preparation, a large team and a detailed and understandable website that explains the operation of the future system.

User Review

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Mials15 september 2017, 21:21

Well, if the project is succeeded, there is a great platform is built up and bring up plenty of quality publisher circles between bloggers, advertiser, article writers and reader as well. But, it just in a early stage. The concept works and run similar as ordinary advertising campaign. For me, there is nothing special point to invest. Although the team offer extra bonus 50% to investors during pre-ICO bonus, but I am not interesting to invest such ordinary concept project.

TanyaDegurechaff15 september 2017, 18:17

When I first read the name of the company qaazqaaz it made me think. What would an ICO have this kind of name? As a result I have browsed the site to know more about it. The layout is simple and it’s quite nice to look at. The contents are straight forward giving me the idea of what this ICO is about. This ICO’s main goal is to provide service for advertisers, agencies and bloggers the tools to get the best deal without paying a transaction fee. As a blogger having a company that will give me an option to choose which advertiser I would work for is definitely a plus. I noticed that their main focused is on the Russian bloggers at the moment, but I think it will also expand to bloggers worldwide. I terms of profit I am not sure whether to invest in this ICO because I don’t know how the Russian market works and can I gain a fair amount of money investing in this?

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