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Property backed cryptocurrency token ICO

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Smart contract blockchain




Frank Engelen - CEO, Founder

Brendan Cornelius - CTO, Co-Founder

Mark McRae - Advisor

Wesley Govender - Social Media Manager

Calvin Engelen - Advisor

Ian McFarland - Financial Advisor

Propthereum aims to be a bridge between that helps the small investor acquire A-listed properties. The projects aims to make this happen through the introduction of blockchain technology to the real estate space. The team will be making this happen through their years of experience in both real estate and the field of blockchain tech. is essentially a platform for people who are interested in the concept of taking part in an Initial Coin Offering, the proceeds of which will be used to buy A-grade property around the world. The property that we buy will produce a rental income and underlying value for the PTC token holders. The advantage of this concept is that your PTC coin will always increase in value because it will always earn an income.

Expert Review

1.7 out of 5

Well, it would be unfair to disqualify a project instantly based on the first impression and site's design, however it surely impacts the investor trust in the project. Based just on the looks and information provided on the site, Propthereum gives a rather unprofessional vibe. They want to offer asset backed by real property. There are multiple other projects having similar goal and they deliver and advertise it much more effectively. It may not be worth risking in that case, however the idea itself sounds rather good.

User Review

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phillip9632113 november 2017, 15:17

It's a good ICO to invest in. Too many ICO's have failed business plans. This one is good. Studied the White paper and like their property model. The best one I have seen from all the property ICO's. Their finance gearing model is superb so i'm investing.

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