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A Decentralized Ecosystem of Video Applications

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Adi Sideman - Founder and CEO

Yonatan Sela - SVP Business Development and Product

Eran Kalmanson - Chief Technology Officer

Ben Perper - Director of Product and Business Intelligence

Peter Watts - Platform Lead

A Decentralized Ecosystem of Video Applications. PROPS is a new cryptocurrency that grants access to features, content and status across media apps that share a currency and identity layer, and whose users benefit from the PROPS rewards pool.

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

PROPSproject creates an ecosystem for the video industry. The creators of the project believe that for the media industry, the dominance of several large players is a bad factor, since such a monopoly position allows them to take most of their income, which is unfair to content creators. This is really the case and requires a solution. Does PROPSproject offer an adequate solution? Rather yes than no. They detailed the functioning of the future decentralized system, in which content creators will have much more rights and opportunities. And in general, many aspects of the project look quite convincing.

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