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First Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by own crypto-economy

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Smart contract blockchain




Dima Rusakov - CEO and co-Founder

Nikita Kuznetsov - CTO and co-Founder

Rubtsov Dmitriy - Со-Founder, Chief of operation and Business development

Vitaly Hnidenko - Head of Development

Viacheslav Yakushev - Head of Infrastructure

Viktor Lahman - R&D-team member and full stack developer

Privatix - decentralized autonomous P2P VPN network on blockchain with its own crypto-economy which will serve the first bandwidth exchange marketplace. Based on blockchain, the network will contain thousands or even millions of exit nodes around the world and will provide an innovative new way for developers to build products that will potentially disrupt several markets, like the consumer VPN industry, cyber protection, CDN, business intelligence and even software and mobile apps monetization.

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

The idea of sharing unused bandwidth has already appeared in other ICOs. They want to provide a p2p VPN service. VPNs in general has become very popular and widely used recently with everyone being more concerned about their privacy. Such sharing also makes it possible to profit from your unused internet connection. Even though, there were few similar projects, this project seem like a proper competitor. Privatix pre-ICO phase showed that users are very interested in that project, active and supportive userbase always contributes greatly to the project's success. The team seems to be prepared well to develop and deliver such product. They have experience both with blockchain technology and also VPN services. The overall design looks very good and the whitepapers provide all the necessary information.

User Review

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Anger Management01 november 2017, 22:17

With the government tracking everything we do in the internet, people try to seek anonymity in VPN services. Privatix wants to create a one big VPN server that will include part of unused network of every user. That way it can be the biggest service of it's kind, because with millions of users it will be actually unlimited. Moreover, the fact that I can sell my unused bandwith that would otherwise go to waste is a really big advantage and will encourage many users to host it for other to connect through VPN and surf web anonymously.

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