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Cryptocurrency Backed by Precious Metals

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Smart contract blockchain




Robert Kucharski - CEO, FOUNDER

Christopher Anwar Yo - CIO


Michał Matyśniak - MANAGING DIRECTOR

German Serko - DESIGNER


The whole idea behind inventions of digital currency was to remove the middle man who controls the money going from the sender to the receiver. 
The government and financial institutions and their regulations are all void in the trades of digital currency. The digital currency is not regulated by any government or financial institution. It’s decentralized. This is beneficial for merchants because without any regulations the fees for accepting Prether are much lower than the ones established by credit card companies.

Over the years, gold has mostly been used to hedge against inflation. However, now Prether combines both a Cryptocurrency and Precious Metals, what gives the owner easiness in execution of payment transactions and increased safety.

Expert Review

2.3 out of 5

It is supposed to be a cryptocurrency backed by precious metals. If you believe the project site, 50% of the collected funds will be spent on the purchase of precious metals. The remaining 50%, respectively, for the remaining costs of the project. The question is - why give half of your funds for the development of the project, if you can buy the same metals for 100% of your money? The question is rhetorical, and the answer to it is obvious - it makes no sense. In addition, the project site begins with a description of the technical advantages of PTH tokens versus Bitcoin, but you will not find an example of the code for these tokens anywhere on the site. So in fact, they just compare Bitcoin and Ethereum, on which their Token will be based (if will). In addition, what is the point of comparison between the Bitcoin - cryptocurrency - and the coin intended for funds storage.

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