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Power Ledger



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Smart contract blockchain




Bill TAI - Board Advisor

Dr. Jemma Green - Co-Founder

Davis Martin - Co-Founder and Managing Director

John Bulich - Co-Founder and Director

Dr. Gov Van Ek - Co-Founder and Director

Jenni Conroy - Co-Founder and Director

The Power Ledger Platform (Platform) is a trustless, transparent and interoperable energy trading platform that supports an ever-expanding suite of Citizen Utilities: participants who generate, consume and transact electricity  energy applications, with an exchangeable frictionless energy trading token, Sparkz. The Power Ledger Token (POWRTM) is the fuel of the Power Ledger Ecosystem with bespoke private trading applications creating Sparkz in exchange for POWR. Sparkz are currently purchased and redeemed using fiat currencies with individual trading platforms hosting closed-loop exchanges for energy and Sparkz.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

First of all the amount of applications, technologies and services they have developed and introduced within their project is very impressive. Power Ledger wants to in a way solve the energy problem and don't let it waste if it can be put to a good use. It will be a platform where everyone can exchange their unused energy, with the focus on big companies, factories and utilities being able to sell their surplus energy for people to buy it much cheaper than from a general provider to their own houses. Thanks to the blockchain technology the transaction can be secure and transparent. It will be easy for everyone to buy this renewable energy from them. It's worth noting how much they focused on providing all the necessary information on their website with their whitepapers, which consists of many pages of detailed, both technical and marketing information, all being available in multiple languages. They focused on popularization of the project, therefore the ICO phase can be very successful and the money will be used for proper platform development.

User Review

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John T.06 october 2017, 11:22

They seem like the top ICO project. A lot of information, long and detailed whitepapers, huge team with traceable past and experience. That's how every ICO should be without these scams and suspicious or weak projects. They aim to do a really big thing, but thanks to them there won't be that much wasted energy as it is going to be reused and from the big companies and factories given to the people and their households. The site's design is wonderful and I love this project. They have done so many things, that they will surely succeed.

99degrees06 october 2017, 11:19

They provide so much information that it's hard to get grasp of all of it. They have developed multiple application and solutions with the one aim of saving and sharing the electricity. They want to encourage big companies to share they unused energy and promote that renewable power. With all the data and transaction taking place on secure and transparent blockchain, anyone will be able to purchase cheap and eco-friendly energy to his own house.

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