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Decentralised home for diverse chains

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Smart contract blockchain



Polkadot is a blockchain technology, a heterogeneous multi-chain.It consists of many parachains with potentially differing characteristics which can make it easier to achieve anonymity or formal verification. Transactions can be spread out across the chains, allowing many more to be processed in the same period of time. Polkadot ensures that each of these blockchains remains secure and that any dealings between them are faithfully executed. Specialised parachains called bridges can be created to link independent chains.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

Polkadot offers an improved concept of blockchain technology. Or in other words, the infrastructure solution for the blockchain. It is a protocol that allows independent blockchains to exchange information. Polkadot is an inter-chain blockchain protocol which unlike internet messaging protocols (e.g. TCP/IP) also enforces the order and the validitiy of the messages between the chains. This makes sense, if you draw analogies with other technologies and in particular the Internet itself. In general, the whole project is described in detail, especially its technical part. The only thing is not clear - how will be used funds collected during ICO.

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