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A decentralized multi-cryptocurrency platform for Skill Gaming mobile games focused on highly intellectual players striving for a victory and allowing them to win cryptocurrency.

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Eugen Kaufman - CEO, FOUNDER

Vadim Nareyko - CTO



JAY SEVERSON - CTO and Co-Founder

ALEXEY MELESHKEVICH - Ex-Founder of Melesta

PlayHall is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency platform for skill gaming mobile games focused on highly intellectual players who strive for victory. This platform will give players the opportunity to test their skills in PvP matches, participate in global tournaments, and custom tournaments created by players. For the gaming platform currency, there will be seven of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Liteсoin (LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Dash (Dash), ZCash (ZEC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as PlayHall Token (PHT).

In other words, PlayHall is a platform based on player competitions, aimed at demonstrating skills such as intellectual abilities, reaction and attentiveness. It also allows players to win cryptocurrency.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

PlayHall is a project with a multi-million potential audience. Online games industry is growing every year and now has enormous turnover and millions of players around the world. Platform PlayHall potentially covers almost all the players, allowing them not only to compete with each other online, but also get real money for it. The project is perfectly prepared from a technical point of view - there is a detailed and understandable description of all important points on the site and in the documentation. In addition, the project already has a beta version, so that investors can imagine how the finished product will look like. The smart contract code is published on GitHub, the road map contains many details for easy tracking of progress. And most importantly - the project has a large team of highly qualified specialists, advisors and lots of partners.

User Review

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Skylar Grey12 march 2018, 11:04

The idea to play mobile games and win cryptocurrencies is amazing. It’s hard to execute, but I think PlayHall has all premises to do it: strong team, advisers, elaborated plan. I think, both for gamers, and for active users of digital assets, it will seem attractive to combine fun and making money. I was pleased with the choice of crypto currency, which will be used on the platform. The way to support platform’s cryptocurrency not only by exchanges, but also by using on the platform also provides its liquidity. So, I wish PlayHall good luck, because I like the idea.

yar_coin08 march 2018, 23:07

I really like the idea of this project to connect real world and virtual gaming. It will fill the gap between gaming and profit legally and tranparently. With the speed with which crypto and blockchain are entering our life, this project is just bound to success! Apart from the concept, I want to notice that all information about this project is transparent and public. For me it is important, since I am not that kind of person who invests without actually having a mere idea what the project is about. I have looked through PlayHall Whitepaper, and I liked how they explained the whole process of monetizing awards and their voting model.

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