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Peur Marketplace


Revolutionising Marketplace Beyond Ordinary

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Smart contract blockchain




Joachim M Steffenson - Chief Execuve Officer

Taylah W Klien - Chief Financial Officer

Catharina Latjuba - Chief Markeng Officer

Chityphong Alain Banchongphanith - Technology Advisor

Erie Dramoh - Chief Commercial Officer

Emmanuel Fry - Lead Designer and Developer

By developing the Peur marketplace, payment solution & payroll integration, we enable merchants to participate in the decentralized economy. All information will be secured and only available to authorized users. We may also receive Ethereum-based tokens and mobile payments, which can easily convert cryptocurrency into the local fiat currency. Peur token as a digital currency can also be used as payroll integration - a salary payment option. Peur will drive innovation in the way companies pay their employees. As the community grows the popularity of the Peur will increase.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

Peur is a marketplace, a financial service B2B, B2C. It is supposed that it should become something like Ebay or Aliexpress only of an international scale and of course with the use of blockchain. Even if we throw aside the fact that the idea is not only not new, but has already been successfully implemented, including by the above-mentioned competitors. The project has many other shortcomings. First, investors can find an inaccessible site, which is due to the instability of its work. The very content of the site is extremely marketing - it just screams that the project and the product are the best and the most revolutionary. With this, of course, there is no prototype. It is difficult to find many advantages in this project, which is indirectly confirmed by estimates on other resources - they are very low.

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