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PAYSURA is providing a Customer‘s Loyalty Program

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KONSTANTIN BRIEST - Strategy & Operations

MURAT SEVGILI - Strategy & Innovations

SARFARAZ KHAN - Sales & Finance


USAMA ZAFFAR - Software Development

BARIS ATAS - Software Development


PAYSURA is providing the International PayReward Coin (IPC) as an enabler for a worldwide uniform reward system that applies the advantages of the Blockchain Technology thereby revolutionizing the reward systems landscape. The IPC will be used to reward customers for buying products or services. IPC will be collectable through different channels and options such as online platforms, the crypto market in general as well as all partners offering reward in form of the IPC. All IPC can be used in a reward-pool to exchange them against reward products or services.

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Paysura wants to improve the overall customer reward system and introduce new solutions and features to this idea. The IPC will be used to reward customers for buying products or services. Paysura token - IPC will be collectable through different channels and options such as online platforms, the crypto market in general as well as all partners offering reward in form of the IPC. All IPC can be used in a reward-pool to exchange them against reward products or services. Creating one international reward system would be in a way revolutionary, as customer could earn the token almost everywhere. Such wide adaptation would increase the overall worth of the token.

User Review

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Carol Invest15 february 2018, 13:36

I just checked the projects website, the official video and their social media presence and i am impressed by their idea of combining blockchain and a customer reward system and the teams high degree of activitiy.

Although i believe that its not going to be easy to become international at a quick pace the foundation of the project seems right (IT, business case & team).

Im curious to see how PAYSURA will manage to get their idea out into the real life as i think that their starting point is criticial to the success of the project.

Good luck and keep the good work up

George Beckx15 february 2018, 13:13

The idea of a Payreward Coin is not competely new, but I can agree that current loyalty programs are outdated and not state of the art. Therefore I expect a change here. The question is who will provide the leading solution. Or will there be several successful vendors in future?
I give Paysura a chance since it's a German based project (we don't have many of them). If they will be able to create an Eco System with German Partners (there are a lots of German brands like Hugo Boss, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Adias, T-Mobile and so on) they can create a promising platform and a vivid community.
I'm excited to hear some news who they will partner with and who from outside of Germany will follow.
Definetly on my watchlist.

Jack D.08 february 2018, 17:14

"PAYSURA is providing the International PayReward Coin (IPC). IPC is a coin that rewards customers for buying products or services. The focus of IPC is to be available worldwide as a uniform and secure reward system through the blockchain technology."

I know that such systems and platforms that offer reward and payback services are rather popular. I think, this platform has potential to become that one leading in the world one day, especially as they will be using blockchain technology, which is the technology of the future. Connecting the reward system would also be a good advertisement for the brands, marketplaces and companies themselves and may encourage more people to buy their products, because of the PAYSURA platform. Looks like a decent project, but there will be some struggles and obstacles to overcome and it may be hard to become that popular.

Investor #1208 february 2018, 01:15

The idea generally sounds rather good and interesting, but I don't think it will be that easy to achieve. I mean, the main feature and greatest advantage of the project would be the wide adaptation and international usage, however it will be very hard to achieve, therefore there is a high risk the reward system will work with few small services and marketplaces. Also, the design and the general preparation of the project doesn't seem to be top-notch. There is something missing in it, in my opinion.

blockchainTangle06 february 2018, 00:13

I have read their whitepaper a while ago and I am following this project since then. I truly believe that this project will be a big success. The idea has a big potential and the main difference to many other projects is that it does not only address the crypto community but also the common people thereby kind of building a bridge to the people who did not deal with cryptocurrencies yet.

But even though the idea has big potential there have been many other projects based on the same idea and some of them are still running. At least one of them is going to be succesful since using blockchain technology for customer reward definetly seems to have a future. The main question is what makes Paysura different from those other running projects.

For me Paysura's IPC is currently my favorite since they seem to be one of the few running crypto projects to care for crypto community. I realized that when they started a campaign to help the scam victims of the benebit project by offering IPC due to the reason that "crypto community should stay together". Seeing so many scams trying to take our money, this was the coolest thing I've ever seen in crypto world !!
Another interesting point that distinguishes them from other reward based projects is their community driven reward pool described in their whitepaper.

Only point that bothers me is the short duration (30 days) of their ICO since. But looking at other ICO's there have been plenty of succesfull crowdsales with the same duration time. So I don't see a real issue in this.

In summary an amazing and trusting team with a good business plan! So invest here!

Rate 5/5

CryptoManiac05 february 2018, 12:51

I read the whitepaper and the onepager. I have also taken a detail look into the team and their website.
Let me try to summarize:
Whitepaper: This team is offering or developing a bonus system for purchasing a product or service therefore you will get IPC (Coin of PAYSURA). They are only holding 10 % for dev team, that is quite a very small amount compared to others. in total more than 80 % are for community. I think this is one of those real community oriented projects!
OnePAger: it is available in different languages. It is in a good design and the main information are included. Very well done!
Video: The video is the best I have seen of an ICO. It is clear and first time the music is not too loud in background
Team: The team is from germany and they are all very well educated people. Most of them in Computer Science or Business. This is a very good mix.
Red-Flag of Team: The advisors are very well educated but not know in crypto world. But that is ok, better than these paid advisers.
Price of ICO: I think this is a very los price especially the first day.

I am looking forward to this ICO, I think this is really promising.
Hopefully my review can help.

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