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Decentralized escrow platform

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Smart contract blockchain






EVGENIY POMELOV - Community manager

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

PayFair wants to become an escrow platform to act as a guarantor in cryptocurrency transactions. There are not yet, official big platforms of that kind that use their own tokens to for the security of transaction, however there are many checked and secure individual escrows that successfully do their jobs. Such platform can of course improve the process, providing they succeed in delivering a proper and quality service. They want to provide low fees for all transactions in a safe, private and decentralized environment. The PFR tokens are used to create trust nodes and safe environment during the transactions. The team has enough members to properly develop the platform, all having at least few years of experience. The site is designed well and whitepapers and the descriptions easily explain the main idea.

User Review

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John Daow25 september 2018, 18:17

Active Dev Team; lots of coins being added. Strong investors remaining; overall good team. Has masternodes that benefit investors. Hat of to the hard working dev team. Good alternative for some people as it adds a layer of protection.

Mials17 september 2017, 13:33

Payfair website design is eye-catching with lovely theme colors. Payfair project is developing for enchance the smooth of transaction between Ethereum user as payfair works as the escrow for ethereum user. Well, for me this project is developing used for protecting the benefits of seller and buyer as well as their transaction privacy. Well, it is a fresh idea for push the digital economy. But, I doubt that the escrow company will be governed in some day. If government get controlled the platform, I think this is not a good news for users of crypto-currency world. For me, I will keep watching for developing of this project.

investor_Bob16 september 2017, 14:11

With more and more internet p2p transaction I can see such platform to be really needed. We can't be sure if the other person won't scam us, so an escrow service that focus on cryptocurrencies can be very helpful. The site's design looks very good, they aim to support many popular crypto coins and tokens and they provide a lot of information even though they are on the very early pre-ico stage at this moment.

Karim Indez15 september 2017, 14:14

I really like the site's design. It easy simple and doesn't distract the user from the important information. They aim to create some sort an ecosystem that will allow to escrow for payments securely with the PayFair tokens which create trust nodes to ensure the trade between two people. Also as it's aims to be big platform and benefit from blockchain technologies it won't have as high escrow fees as now some of the individual escrows have.

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