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Decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising

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Smart contract blockchain




Alexander Shvets - Product Director

Leo Eletskikh - Technology Evangelist

Elena Obukhova - Communications Director

Tanya Krishtopa - Product Manager

Thomas Hulbert - Ecosystem Evangelist

Andrey Vlasenko - Lead Software Engineer

Abeed Janmohamed - CEO

Shirlene Chandrapal - SVP Strategic Business Development

Addie Conner - SVP Product Evangelist

Elena Obukhova - Communications Director

Alexander Shvets - Product Director

Alexander Kholodov - Lead Software Engineer

Alexander Telegin - Mobile Software Engineer

Igor Sokolov - Blockchain Engineer

Aleksei Pupyshev - Mobile Software Engineer

Shamil Valishev - Digital Marketing Manager

Papyrus is an open source scalable blockchain platform specifically designed to fight all the issues of digital advertising market - fraud traffic, brand safety issues, excessive middleman cuts, and absence of supply chain transparency. Unlike other existing blockchains Papyrus has unique features that make it feasible solution for practical adoption: low transaction costs, privacy management, execution of smart contracts based on large volume of data. Papyrus connects advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertising platforms and verifiers within Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, fairness and efficiency within digital advertising market.
Big data scalability (Execution of smart contracts based on raw data with millions of data points)
Low costs of transactions (Handling millions of ad events per second requires low costs)
Privacy management (Advertisers can keep ad campaign data private. But expose aggregated info about agencies, ad networks and publishers to establish their reputation)
Papyrus has launched its MVP that consists of an advertising network using blockchain architecture to enable the transparent purchase of advertising inventory. All calculations between advertisers and publishers are controlled by smart contracts with automatic restrictions on payments depending on the quality of results as verified by independent verification service suppliers. The MVP is deployed on Ethereum TestNet Rinkeby and will be launched in Ethereum MainNet after the second Token Generation Event.

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Papyrus has noticed the problem with online advertising, that has recently become very problematic for many users. Apps that block all ads have become very popular. Papyrus wants to provide a better solution to online advertisement, where users can decide what ads they want to see. The platform will make sure the displays won't bother or disturb the user and the company that want to reach as many viewers as possible can be assured that their ads will be seen by people chosen by various algorithms to be most likely their new potential customers. Papyrus will also focus on integration with various dapps. There is a market and demand for such platform and they will most likely find a lot of supporters, maybe even building some sort of a userbase, however they may find it hard to compete against already funded and past ICOs.

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