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Buy cryptocurrencies with fiat

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Jan - Co-Founder

Rob - Co-Founder

Wes - Director of Business Communications

Andrea - Core developer

Bram - iOS developer

Vincent - UX Specialist

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Oxycoin aims to provide everything that a cryptocurrency investor requires be it about mining, exchanging, trading, it has all the solutions provided. It will allow its user to invest in crypto through fiat. It benefits almost everyone in the crypto world by allowing them to earn profits from its tools, develop dapps even if one is a non-blockchain developer. The team has past experience in these type of projects and are experts so the team evaluation is positive. The is pretty minimal and has just the right amount of information provided, the whitepaper and roadmap also seem great.

User Review

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Indtheo1031 may 2018, 11:59

Allowing users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies and make the most out of it is what this project aims which according to me is really a great idea and it could gather a vast userbase. All the other aspects of the project, its team, website and roadmap and whitepaper are great and I think this is a nice choice to invest in.

investor_Bob16 september 2017, 16:38

The OXY coins itself would seem quite boring as they look like another paying coins that we already have thousands of, but the fact that the developers aim to introduce enhanced dapp sdk can actually make these coins usable in an interesting way.

The whole idea of making it easy for people that don't know much about cryptocurrencies is also a good advantage, it's always nice when projects want to advertise the blockchain technology. Making it easy to change FIAT into crypto is also a good advantage and will help to spread and raise the trading cap of cryptocurrencies greatly.

Franz Wasp16 september 2017, 09:45

They claim that their platform is "The one place that contains everything a cryptocurrency investor needs, right at their fingertips."
They want to develop a platform, which focuses on the mobiles, that would let the user easily buy a cryptocurrency of their choice with FIAT money, then store it also securely in the wallets.

The site generally looks okay, nothing too interesting when it comes to design, but it provides all the necessary information and this is the most important thing.

The team looks also quite okay, they seem like real people and not only fake pictures with fake names as some scam icos often do. They seem reliable. And the fact that there are a lot of people in the team assures that they will be able to develop and deliver the product.

Tissue is the issue14 september 2017, 01:00

I can see a possible demand for such platform as the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market is slowly introduced to the mainstream world. Oxycoin aims to make it easy to invest and manage your cryptoassets without having a technological knowledge. Hearing all about these encryption, keys and seeing that your address is just a bunch of random letters and numbers can be a little bit confusing for someone who isn't into cryptocurrencies. A neatly designed and easy to use app will make it easy to purchase them with ordinary FIAT money and then store it in secure wallets with the user having all the access to it.

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