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The innovative employee assessment and recruitment platform

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Meir Hefetz - Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Lampert - Chief Innovation Officer

Amedeo Moscato - Chief Marketing Officer

Reuven Wiener - Head of HR & Research

The OUNA pyramidal assessment methodology and the related software is developed by a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals, including psychologists, assessment experts, statisticians, and internet specialists. OUNA assessments can typically be completed within as little as 15 minutes. After a candidate performs an assessment, OUNA utilizes its methodically proven algorithms to analyze the assessment results, creating an accurate profile of the candidate that produce an average validity of 86% in the recruitment process. While simultaneously determining the needs of the HR recruiter, OUNA searches its extensive candidate database, and accurately identifies the most suitable candidates for any position - thereby enabling near- perfect employer-employee job matching every time.

Expert Review

4.0 out of 5

OUNA is a project in the HR field. It is aimed at creating a system that will evaluate potential employees based on their real skills, rather than different pseudo achievements. The idea of ​​the project is quite fresh, although of course in the field of HR there is a huge competition and various large players already offer their technological solutions. So it would be great if the OUNA project could demonstrate something other than just idea, even sush a good idea. If you believe the statements on the project site, then they have already developed this system, but we could not find any confirmation. But on the whole, the project inspires confidence and allows us to count on the fact that it will attract investors' attention, while they unlike traditional start-ups, is still ready to invest money in ideas if they are presented in the ICO project format.

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