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The Scalable Privacy Preserving Platform for Decentralized Applications

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Smart contract blockchain




Frank Fang - Former Pinterest Senior Engineer

Yijia Zhang - Tech lead

Dr. Weiran Liu - Cryptography influencer

Sonia Wang - Team member

What is Origo?
Privacy is dying online. Current blockchains' unprecedented transparency has made this even worse. All of your data is publicly exposed.

Origo is the cure! Origo is the world first decentralized application platform that protects your privacy.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Origo tries to attack a rather interesting problem when it comes to the privacy. While many people believe that blockchain has granted them anonymity, Origo notice that with all of its transparency it may be even easier to track someone. They want to add a possibility to choose privacy settings when sending a transaction and create a smart contract based on cryptography primitives like zero knowledge proof. They also want to make it possible to share and process personal health data, internet cookies or financial status without exposing any of the data itself. The same goes for AI and machine learning models, which can be trained without revealing the data used. The team is relatively small and doesn't provide any validation to their experience and skills. There are lots of funds and small companies which are listed as investors.

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