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First blockchain investment option in the oil and gas sector

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Aleksandr Doronin - Project CEO

Mikhail Tsekhanskii - Deputy Director of Finance

Oleg Novikov - Chief of Science

Fanil Yusupov - IT Chief

Vladimir Kuznetsov - Production Director

Irina Barzhak - Press center Director

Project aims to realize first two ideas: • ODMCoin is first of a kind blockchain product in Oil&Gas sector, manufacturing and engineering of oil drilling sludge processing complexes. • Blockchain Industrial Club (BIC) – is a network of users and industrial enterprises in blockchain ecosystem “Biplatform” (Blockchain Industrial Platform) for funding, profits sharing and assets trading. Advanced technology of processing oil sludge "waste" as raw materials, developed by our scientists, allows to get from it building material, electricity, fuels.The system of purification of drilling mud fluid on the drilling rig consists of 3 steps of cleaning. The conducting of the well is conducted in the mode of "sumpless" drilling.

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

ODMCoin want to explore the oil and gas sector. They will set up facilities for oil drilling mud, which is a mixture of both oil products and soil and ground particles. They want to be a part of the Clean Country project, which is a high priority Russia project, officially accepted and implemented by the government. One of the main features and benefit for a token holder, will be a membership in a Blockchain Industrial Club, possibly the first of it's kind, that will connect companies focused on revolutionizing the industrial business with the help of the blockchain technology. They will develop their own tokens, which will give a right to receive companies profits. Each investor has a possibility to receive the finished products like oil, gas or construction materials. Overall design of the site and information provided is also satisfactory.

User Review

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aleksdor198430 october 2017, 19:17

As a result of a thorough market analysis and study of blockchain technologies in the real sector of the economy, it was decided to establish the Blockchain Industrial Club (BIC).

Blockchain industrial club creates its own blockchain platform to regulate interactionamong club members and token holders.

Bi Platform is an open source project based on Ethereum source codes with the full functionality to link investors, businesses and end customers without intermediaries to solve the basic problem of escrow* in the projects.

Club’s tokens and tokens of the platform will be distributed separately and are digital asset for the implementation of different operations on its own platform.

Blockchain Industrial Club is created on the Bi platform to exchange information among all participants of the market.
Bi Platform:
- cooperatesthe industry (real sectors of the economy, IT companies, green technologies, etc.);
- attracts investments to start-ups and performs the role of escrow;
- enables the creation of credit smart-contracts and insurance smart-contracts without knowledge of programming;
- implements a patent base with transparent payments from companies to authors for using their technologies;
- creates a stock exchange of resources and finances;
- provides access to global markets

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