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P2P online education platform

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David Goldsmith - President and Co-founder of the Goldsmith Organization (New York and Hong Kong)

Susanne Morgan - Ph.D., Academic Writing Club Coach Professor Emerita of Sociology

David Buckle - International Corporate Governance Director

Mike Raitsyn - Founder of ICOBox

Ilia Frankstein - Tetha Crypto, CEO

Leo Batalov - DLA Piper, Co-Head Emerging Growth Companies

Mike Rogalsky - Founder of (sold to Yandex)

Peer to peer online learning platform Education is out of date in technology adoption with only a tiny share of the industry online. Our mission is to facilitate learning, in particular of foreign languages, through a peer-to-peer technology platform connecting tutors and students online.

Our solution provides the following:

Online platform eliminating geographical borders between tutors and students through a cutting-edge technology with high quality video and audio

Transparent and secure information on the experience and quality of tutors through ranking and reviews system built on blockchain

Elimination of intermediaries between tutors and students, such as schools, and therefore significantly reducing the cost of lessons

Study directly with a teacher without paying any intermediary fees (only the teacher’s fee)

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

NTOK is an online education platform, which utilises blockchain technology to let tutors and students connect peer-to-peer without intermediaries. It allows to store teachers' rankings and reviews in a blockchain, so it can be absolutely autonomus. It is quite obvious that education of the future would be 99% online and personal. And despite of big competition, there is no need in only one leader to be. There is already an MVP at Alpha stage. The project has a small team, but more than 10 advisors, which is quite enough. But they should add more info about financial plan.

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