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100% decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Max Tarasenko - Founder & CEO

Vlad Pezhemskiy - Lead blockchain-developer

Dan Suvorov - CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Alex Kharchevnikov - CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

Nimfamoney is is a cryptocurrency lending platform allowing users to borrow with zero interest rates and invest the borrowed money in high-profit ICOs. Every token allows an investor to borrow 3 other NIMFA tokens after the Initial Coin Offering phase when the platform will be fully developed. The tricky part is that it is still a loan, so you don't get to cash out these tripled coins to your pocket, but they rather want you to earn money by investing these coins. By using the blockchain and the anonymity it provides users do not have to go through any difficulties in getting a loan and the procedure is pretty simple. The team is relatively small, but managed to fill all the necessary roles and the team members come from a nice background and have previous successful projects so the team evaluation is positive. The roadmap and the white paper are well presented and planned. The web design is neat and minimal which is quite good.

User Review

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Adn0204 may 2018, 12:22

Providing a platform which stops you from taking wrong decisions with your borrowed amount and promises you a particular amount of profit, according to me is great and everyone can have fruitful results from it. The web design is great and the simplicity of it makes it the best. I would definitely invest in this ICO.

Timothy Ridger07 september 2017, 22:01

If you have a $1000 that you want to invest in new ICOs you can invest it in this project, then "borrow" three times your initial investment from them and then invest in your promising ICOs with $3000, even though you've had only $1000 to invest.

The idea is very nice and can bring a lot of profit. I only wonder how they will execute it, as there can be people that will have troubles returning the tokens.

The site's design is quite good, all the necessary information is provided. The developers looks solid and they are experienced, so they can surely deliver the full project.

Vikings are not extinct boy07 september 2017, 21:59

I find this project very interesting. You buy their ICO tokens right now. One token allows you to borrow from them three more. So the general idea is that you now go to the exchanges and the market, you invest in new promising project with x3 your initial funds, when you profit you return the tokens, pay small % of your profit and end up with both the profit from trading as well as the initial tokens you had.

In good hands and with proper skills, one can make a lot of money with it.

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