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A global music economy that works for everyone

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Smart contract blockchain




Dan Phifer - co-founder, CTO

Brian Byrne - co-founder, Chief Musician Ambassador

Elio Di Iorio - Co-founder, Chief Organizer

David Werba - Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Jared Griego - Co-founder, Blockchain Engineer and Operations

Peter Mooney - Senior Application Architect

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

With music streaming services becoming more and more popular than physical copies or even piracy, Musiconomi wants to improve this market even more. Music streaming services brought joy to the listeners and fans as they could listen to their favourite music for cheap costs. However, the sole creators and artists don't seem to enjoy this solution, as the services are taking huge part of their revenue. Musiconomi aims to provide fair distribution of money and connect the fans directly with the artists. Moreover, the artists can even incentivize social sharing and reward users with tokens for promoting their music. The platform can also be a great place to find other musicians and song writers to collaborate on various projects. The first band has already been testing the platform, as The Motorleague's new EP 'No Dead Horses' has been pre-released exclusively there. The team behind the project is relatively small, however they've managed to deliver a working alpha version, therefore it shows they are skilled enough to deliver a fully working platform.

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