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Relational Blockchain

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Smart contract blockchain




Michele Orzan - Global Strategic Advisor

Tobias Ratschiller - Advisors Director

Mauro Presicce - Advisor

Alessio di Mario - Social Media Management

Vanessa Balloni - Marketing & Communications

Simone Trifiletti - Crypto-Community Expert

Multiversum delivered the fourth generation blockchain. Multiversum has created a Multichain Relational Database that forms chains of data able to be used in complex industrial and governmental environments. Public health, finance and the whole economic system are about to join the technologic revolution brought by Blockchain. One of our main goals is to meet the needs of every market entity that requires high operational security and can improve its productivity with Blockchain technology. With our high security and stability standards, we make the concept of Blockchain 4.0 real and operative, offering innovative and efficient solutions at trifling costs. The philosophy that inspired and leads Multiversum is “Green Will” manifesto, which can be resumed in three words: People, Planet, Profit.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

Multiversum is an infrastructure blockchain project that creates its own software architecture. As the authors of the project call themselves, this is Blockhain 4.0. The statement is of course hyperbolical, but it is worth acknowledging that blockchain technology is only at the very beginning of its development and it needs fresh blood. Based on experience, the really greatest growth potential was shown by similar projects, which were offered not by projects created on finished platforms, but by creating something new - Ethereum, EOS, etc. But unfortunately it is not possible to check the real innovative component of the project. Yes, they offer to test the "speed of payments" using their Android application. However, to evaluate such a project, it would be better to look at its program code, which unfortunately is not available.

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