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The first Online Gaming Casino Ethereum Based platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Eduardo Chapeta - CEO

Ignacio Munarriz - CIO

Ricardo Espeche - CTO

Omar Hraste - COO

The Service will use funds to leverage and backup the MLT market value.

All participants of the system will have the opportunity to use MLT tokens to pay for the services available in the system, which will ensure the liquidity of the MLT token from the real sector of the economy. 

After the Crowdsale/ICO, tokens will be released into free circulation on the exchange of crypto currencies, and early buyers will be able to take their profits by selling tokens in the market.

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

MultiGames is ready to use B2B White Label Online Casino Service. It is good that value of the token is provided by its understandable application to the site. However, it is not completely clear how this will work if the token is sold on third-party exchanges, which will lead to its volatility. It is unlikely that this is good for platform users, when their success depends not only on their actions and luck in the game, but also on extraneous actions. In general, the idea of the project does not look quite original and has been repeatedly offered and even applied.

User Review

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Juan Ramirez15 january 2018, 22:45

MultiGames, the best team for a online gaming platform, i am in iCO with MultiGames. I hate all the tricky online gaming rules. Ethereum smart contracts is the solution.
I love gaming but i hate burocratic actual online platforms

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