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Global payment system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency

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Smart contract blockchain




Boris Shulyaev - Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ruslan Babych - Chief Technology Officer

Vladyslav Zaichuk - Lead blockchain developer

Aleksandr Parkhomenko - Blockchain developer

Evgeniy Shevchenko - Blockchain developer

Maksim Khobotin - Android developer

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Glory9015 august 2017, 13:58

MinexCoin aims to create the first digital asset that will be used as a currency with the advantages of the blockchain technology and master the main drawback of a cryptocurrency that denies its mass adoption : volatility
Furthermore, MinexCoin’s growth will be supported by the MinexEcosystem, which will also provide a broad range of services (digital asset creation, volatility control, trading…) designed solely for the purpose of facilitating the coin’s wide adoption.

Disadvantages of Minexcoin: Developers are very slow in working on the project, until now minexcoin is not yet available in the crypto market, this disappointing for ICO investors

dillibabu14 august 2017, 08:40

The sole slogan "we make blockchain easier for you" is what makes it very promising. Blockchain is a new developing technology that turned out to be able to do another world revolution in terms of data storage, transfers, accounting and so on. A project that aims to make it easier to develop these technologies is very promising as one day everything can be based on it. The biggest advantage for them is the fact that they focus on teaching developers and provide them with resources to build upon their project, therefore making it more popular.

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